Challenge 6: Wrapping up before the new year!

Take a few moments to review what you’ve written out and take a couple more steps! If you’re able, get out 2 pieces of paper: Write “Moving Forward” at the top of one sheet and “Leaving Behind” at the top of the other.   Challenge 1: Moving Forward by Writing 2014 down – On the “Moving Forward” sheet, make a list … Read More

Challenge 5: Remember It well by Thinking It Through

In the first challenge we talked about the importance of healthy reflection. One of the challenges was to write down 6 joys and 6 pains from the previous year. Since then we’ve talked about forgiveness, regret and some tips for handling the negative turns that have occurred in the last year. Now we’re going to turn towards the gifts and … Read More

Challenge 4: Move On by Forgiving Yourself

In the last challenge we talked about forgiveness. It’s a difficult task that requires a lot of thinking, action and even more intentionality.   BUT. what if the person you need to forgive is yourself? Sometimes it feels like the only one in the other corner of the boxing ring is our own self-criticism.   Try this:   Do you … Read More

Challenge 3: Forgive It by Choosing To Love

Forgiveness is perhaps one of the hardest parts of any relationship. Do you remember what it was like on the playground in elementary school? Whether it was getting “accidentally”  hit with a stick or being picked last for the kickball team, an argument would start and the teacher would come over to investigate the situation, determine the victim and posit … Read More

Challenge 2: Forgetting It by Evaluating and Processing

In the first challenge we discussed the art of remembering— that, in order to move forward, it’s important to consider where we’ve been. And where we’ve been often involves failure and pain, being let down and letting others down. It’s a painful thing to think about moments when we’ve failed, but often if we don’t look at them and evaluate, they’ll … Read More

Challenge 1: Moving Forward by Writing 2014 down

“As I look towards the beginning of each season, I like think of 3 things: Where I have come from, Where I am, and Where I’d like to be”  – Coach Jim Valvano (1983 NCAA Basketball Champions) As we look forward to the next day, week, year or decade it is first vitally important to consider where we’ve come from. … Read More