Dreaming Takes HARD Work

So many times dreamers get a bad wrap! It’s kinda sad. Dreamers are known as lazy and apathetic or even worse, as people who go nowhere in life. People constantly spinning their wheels but going no where. Well, I guess unfortunately, that can be true sometimes. BUT, not always! So how do dreamers get over the nasty stereotype that we … Read More

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Interior Decorating

Inspiration is everywhere. The most simple of things captivate me. From the oldest of records at Goodwill to the scrap wood left behind in a neighbors ditch. Things can never be set aside for what they appear to be, but seen for what they can be. As an artist and designer I enjoy most when I’m able to take something … Read More

Dream. Hope. Run.

DREAMING. Defining of dreams: Dreaming must always be defined by what the Lord is speaking. This will always be confirmed through trusted leaders and friends that you are walking out life with. We were born to carry our extreme purpose. Not our own, but our Fathers. Building His kingdom by leading the lost to Him. Training up others to building … Read More

Creative First Fruits

Typewriter - Light Blue Royal

Genesis 4:4 (NLT), Numbers 15:18-19 (NLT) How do we rightly view the 1st fruits of our labor? As an entrepreneur I am particularly drawn to discover this. We easily relate money to this. It’s our common practice to, and rightly so. But I also think of the first of first fruits. With Cain and Able, a meat sacrifice was required. … Read More

Social Media Is SO Impersonal, Why Would I Use It For My Ministry?

Social Media Communication

I had a conversation recently with a client who voiced some very real questions that I’ve heard many times. To be honest, I can completely understand what he was asking. “Social Media is SO impersonal, why would I use it for my ministry?” He went on to describe how when he wants to connect with someone, he grabs coffee with … Read More

Desktop Wallpaper: Love. Serve. Build

Here’s a free desktop wallpaper for you to enjoy to remind you of the key actions we should always remember: Love. Serve. Build. It’s the motto of Epic Life Creative and we hope to fulfill that mission every day, on every project, with every client.